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Invest in your future by opening a Michel SAG jewelry store.

When you open a Michel Sag jewelry store;

  • You can buy jewelry,cubic zirconia and gold products from the best and most advantageous place

  • You offer your products to your customers at the best prices.

  • Your decoration will make the most effective sale with the lowest cost.

  • You can also buy your gold products indepndntly from any location you desire.

  • You can benefit from our brand’s programs such as training advertising and campaigns

What are the requirements and conditions for owning Michel Sag Jewelry?

  • To have an entrepreneurial perspective,

  • To preferably have retail experience,

  • To for care and prioritize customer satisfaction

  • To be keen on design and detail-oriented,

  • To show a full-time interest in the store,

  • To have adequate financial infrastructure,


Advantages / Supports Provided by Main Titles

  • Collection and product variety

  • Modern collections created on special occasions and periodically

  • Brand positioning reaching a wide customer base

  • A highly profitable  merchandising system,

  • Educational assistance  within the scope of unlimited knowledge sharing



Company Fields of Activity

*Find and select the address of the location where you plan to invest on Google Maps by typing in the form field below.

Write the list of your references in the form field below.

Thank you!

We will contact you.

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