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Why should I be a member of the site?

You must be a member of the site in order to see and examine the detail dimensions of the products on our site, and to create an order and get a price quote.

How do I become a member of the site?

To become a member of our website, please click on the "Member Login" button on the top right of the home page.


You can complete your membership by entering your personal information in the form on the "Sign Up" screen.

Is Membership Required for Order and Price Quotation?

To place an order, you can sign up on our site and complete the registration process and then add the product of you want to buy to your cart and complete the order and price offer transaction


For place an order, click on the Member Login button located at the top right of the site title section.


Fill in the membership information and click the “Register” button.

What Should I Do to Create an Order and Get a Quote?

You can start shopping by clicking the “Member Login” button in the header section of the website and writing your e-mail address and password that you have set as the member username.


You can add your products to your basket with the ADD TO CART button by specifying the color / size / quantity and setting information of the products you have selected on the product screen while shopping.


When you add products to your cart; your page will not redirect to your CART. If you do not want to add another product to your cart and get an order and price quote, you can go to your cart by clicking the "My Cart" button in the upper right corner of the page.


You can change the quantity of your product, see the details of your orders in your cart, or update your cart from the quantity section on your cart page.

Use the Create Order & Get Quote button to order products or get a price quote.

Please fill in the Address Form completely at the stage of order creation. This information will be saved in your customer profile to be used in your next orders. You can update, add or delete this information at any time.

On next step click on the "Review and complete the order" At the end, click the Complete Order button.

How Does Post-Order Customer Support Work?

When your order is placed in the system, our Export and Marketing Department would make a price offer according to the dimensions and details of the products related to your order. A price offer will be sent to you via e-mail and WhatsApp. In case you accept the bid offered to you, payment terms will be sent to you. When the payment is received, your order will start to prepare. After the order will complete products are sent to the DHL cargo company to be delivered to you with an Invoice, Export Document (waybill), and Product Certificate. You can track your order from the page of 'my orders' on our website Any customs clearance fee and tax that may occur on the buyer's side during the export process belong to the buyer.

When will my order be shipped and when will it reach me?

On our MichelSag Jewelry website, you can get your orders delivered to your address with DHL Cargo for abroad, or you can come to our store and receive them by hand.


Depending on the preparation time of the products in your cart, the average …. Shipped within business day. All shipped items will arrive within ...-… business days depending on your location. Any customs clearance fees and taxes that may occur on the buyer's part during the export process belong to the buyer.

How Can I Track the Status of My Orders?

Upon your request, we can deliver your orders via DHL Cargo to the address you specified, or you can come to our office and receive it yourself.

A detailed breakdown of the completed orders will be displayed in the order tracking section. You can view the detailed breakdown of your order by clicking on the order number.

You can track your past orders from the control panel screen when you click on the "My Account" link at the top right of the page.

In the order tracking section, a detailed breakdown of the orders you have placed so far and your order information will be displayed. You can view the detailed breakdown of your order by clicking on the order number.

What is the Meaning of Phrases such as "Processing" in the Order Status?

You will see notes indicating the status of your orders on each line. The description of these order statuses is as follows:


  • Processing: Your order is in the supply stage, on average, it will be delivered within …-… days.


  • Shipped: Your order has been delivered to DHL for shipping . When you click on your orders where you see this phrase, you can access the cargo information of your order by clicking on the CARGO TRACKING link written in red in the order detail that will appear. Cargo tracking numbers are updated 4-6 hours after departure, so even if you click on the CARGO TRACKING link, you may not see your cargo information immediately.


  • Cancelled: Your order may have been cancaled due to a collection or supply problem.


  • You can contact us through the Customer Support Team numbers and get detailed information about your orders.

    • Customer Support Line: +90 850 888 70 67

    • Whatsapp Support Line: +90546 454 02 60

    • Customer Support Email:

Do you do Custom Design?
  • We make the products and models you want as special designs for your wholesale shopping requests.

Are the sizes and dimensions of all products available?
  • All sizes and dimensions of the products on our website are available.

Didn't get a 5% labor discount code when you became a member?
  • Your membership has not been approved yet or your membership has been rejected.

Which cargo company do you work with for deliveries?
  • We work with DHL shipping for international shipments.

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