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Designer Michel SAG who has half a century of experience in the jewelry field ,Michel SAG established the Mega Guld Brand to produce  semi-finished fitting pieces and models, which are the basic needs of the sector and deliver them to the sellers and end users as finished products.

Michel SAG Jewelry produces more than 35,000 piecs and rich model options.

As Michel Sağ Jewelry, we offer you Mega Guld mounting, cubic zirconia and gold products by preparing them as 3D modeling with our professional team and transforming them into the designs you request.

Stone sizes are between 0.10ct -3.00ct for our mounting and cubic zirconia models and every size is available for rings, and in the gold group, you can enrich your models with our product content up to 10 sizes in each model.


We offer you fast, quality and clean workmanship for your orders.

You can contact with our team to get more details  about your orders.

Company Development Process

1997, Stockholm, SWEDEN

2020, Istanbul, TURKEY

2023 - Istanbul, TURKEY

Michel Sağ, who started his career in the 1970s, laid the foundations of his company in Stockholm in 1997 and established "MegaGuld MSG AB".

Although this company, which was established, initially focused on men's rings and personalized designs, it started to produce in accordance with every detail in the jewelery sector with the accumulation of knowledge afterwards.

Michel Sağ, who started the jewelery design process with chain knitting and continued with men's ring design, continues to operate in the jewelery sector with more than 35,000 semi-finished and piece products as the leading semi-finished manufacturer of the jewelery sector.

Michel Sağ, who met the jewelery industry in Turkey, made a definite return to Turkey and opened "Michel Sag Jewelery Industry and Trade LTD."

By updating its deep-rooted history in the jewelry industry with technological innovations, it produces all product drawings and designs as demos with a 3D modeling and printing center, and then the molds of these demos are removed, revealing high quality and standard workmanship every time.

Michel Sag Jewelry  , which was put into service in Istanbul as Michel Sag Jewelery Industry and Trade LTD. ŞTİ in January 2020, continues its preparations to serve individual customers and make online sales besides wholesale sales.

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